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Originally Posted by chappachula View Post
May I add another question to this thread?

For those of you who bothered to mail the warranty registration card: did you ever actually put it to use?
'Cause I don't think I've ever repaired any small appliance that was within the warranty period.
Yes. An air conditioner I bought less than a year ago failed earlier this summer. It was a very expensive, in-wall, huge unit, big enough to cool an entire loft-style apartment.

It wasn't actually mine -- I bought it for my elderly father's apartment, using my credit card. I paid myself back from his bank account (I have his POA). But as far as Friedrich was concerned, it was mine.

Gotta say, Friedrich was fantastic about the whole thing. Turned out the circuit board (I guess it's sort of the motherboard) had failed. Non-repairable. They sent someone the next day who swapped in a new board, and all was well. The unit is running fine.

Originally Posted by chappachula View Post
On the other hand, for major stuff--the washing machine, the fridge--I have an annual service contract. It doesn't save much money, but it does give me a little peace of mind...It makes the company treat me well, so that I can get a technician to my house on the same day, or the next morning..
I wish I had a contract like that. I have three weird A/C units in my apartment. Actually, they're not air conditioners, they're some kind of heat pump, and pump heat into water pipes. So they can be mounted on/in internal walls, as long as there's plumbing there. And they're expensive to fix.

I didn't have much (any) choice in using these units, or obtaining a service contract. I moved into a new construction apartment building. We bought the place, it came with the units. Also with a washer and dryer, which sucked. They had to be replaced within a couple of years.