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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
And I've eaten a lot of terrible Mexican food in the US: greasy and with stodgy tasteless burritos. And I've had great Mexican food too. But if the existence of the bad restaurants enables one to make blanket statement then do I get to say the same about the US?
No. Because you've "had great Mexican food too". I have not yet. Or at least not since I think it was 1987. In a restaurant long gone.

It might be possible for there to be great Mexican food here. The person I was questioning was saying there was, and never did get back to me as to where this was.

I'd like to. It sounds as if some suggestions in this thread might lead me to something, which seems to be more London based, somewhere i tend to avoid (even if working nearby).

Existence of bad restaurants does not allow that blanket statement. Never having found good ones does. You've found some (I've found lots in the US when there, and never had a bad mexican meal in Vegas for instance).