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Originally Posted by Mean Mr. Mustard View Post
I recently had my bathroom re-done. The contractor saved the warranty cards for the fixtures and said it would be a good idea for us to send them in.

Of course the bathroom faucet stopper malfunctioned and needed replacing. When I called Kohler about it, the support person immediately asked me if I had registered the product.

I received outstanding service; they sent out a replacement part with no other verification (or returning the defective part) needed.

I don't know if it was because I had filled out the card, or they just have great customer service.

I'm surprised they asked if it was registered. Any time I've had a problem with a Moen product, I just send an email with a few pictures and short description of the issue and new parts or replacement product show up a few days later. No proof of anything required, other than proving that you actually have the product in the first place.