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Originally Posted by sassyfras View Post
Ok, I give up: There have been very emotional mass protests in the recent past by Greeks who protest against the new country of Macedonia (or FYROM, it's capital at Skopjye).

The issue seems to be because of the name Macedonia is also connected to a Greek province...
Not only a province but a 3,000 year old history. Macedonia is Greek. The embezzling of the name Macedonia is a travesty of Slavic and/or Muslim people trying to claim part of the Ancient Greek tradition and history for themselves.

This is not like Paris, Texas, or Athens, Georgia. City names are considered a kind gesture to historical ancestors.

This is like the NW Mexican peninsula declaring independence and calling themselves the Nation of California.

The US would never stand for it, nor should it. The only reason the Former Yugoslavian Republic of M? got their name is because of the incompetence of Greek politicians to stand up for their historical heritage.

Makedonia is Greek. Read some historical books if you disagree.