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Originally Posted by JRDelirious View Post
Ah, nationalism... there's one idea that needs to go into the wastebin mondo pronto...
I wouldn't say that. I consider myself a nationalist, in the sense that my identity is largely derived from the national group I belong to. I suppose that your Puerto Rican nationality also informs your identity as a person. But as any other ideology, it can lead people to do good things, and it can lead people to do bad things.

Originally Posted by lemac View Post
Slavic is a language group. How can the Greeks be Slavic if the large majority of them speak Greek?
What he means is that modern Greeks are closely ethnically related to modern Slavs (South Slavs at least). Slavic is an ethno-linguistic group, it can refer both to the languages and to the ethnicities.

Aren't Romanians also closely related to Slavs, despite them speaking a non-Slavic language?