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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
It's not like Greece has any need to exaggerate. The Greeks have a proud history by any objective standard. So why begrudge anyone else?
Modern Greeks feel like they own that history. Alexander the Great is OURS, Macedonia is OURS. For you to want to name yourself Macedonian is removing my "pride". History is not objective business in Greece. I remember about ten years ago telling a much older woman (a doctor) about Washington DC government buildings. The first thing that she said was "Greek designs... all of it stolen"

Originally Posted by BrainGlutton View Post
Why? I mean, American schoolbooks are not full of anti-British propaganda.

Why? How many Jews are there in Greece today anyway?
Well… I don’t think it is fair to compare America-England with Greece-Turkey.

To a degree, modern Greeks are a continuation of the East Roman empire which ceased to exist at 1453, taken over by the Turks, a very different situation from that of 18th century Americans. Also, the US is not close to England. Greece and Turkey have constant “confrontations” with jet-fighters and ships penetrating the borders, about a billion insignificant tiny little islands noone lives on that are being claimed by both sides, including one over which a war almost started in the mid-90s, the Cyprus separation issue (a deeply deeply traumatic story) among others. Having said that, relations with Turkey have significantly improved during the last 10 years.

There has been an effort to improve school books. In fact there was a recent school book that was utterly blasted (especially by the right) because it softened some corners. It was discontinued.

Thessalonica had a very substantial population of Jews before WWII. Mostly Sephardic Jews that arrived after their expulsion from Spain. The majority were sent to concentration camps.

What I do know is that Greeks intensely identify with Palestinians and that Israeli Jews are seen as a type of oppressive overlord. Beyond that, I cannot entirely explain why anti-Semitism is doing so well in Greece.

By the way. A big factor regarding the naming issue and other similar conflicts in North Greece is the fear that someone someday may find a legitimate way to change Greek borders, for example Macedonia encroaching into North Greece. Entirely irrational in my opinion.