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Originally Posted by acsenray View Post
What are you referring to here? I wonder if my understanding of the term "Asia Minor" is problematic. I understand to mean Anatolia, i.e., mainland Turkey. So it would seem to me that Greece "lost" Asia Minor a long, long time ago.

I understand that there is an ongoing dispute over whether North Cyprus should be an independent ethnically Turkish state. Where does the "shame" lie, in your view?

So you don't think that Greece would have been a successful constitutional monarchy, such as Britain, Spain, etc.?
I am referring to this:
I should have said that Greece lost its claim on Asia minor after that conflict. Greek borders did not change after that conflict.

The shame in the Cyprus question lies in how it was initially a Greek plan to get rid of Turks, while it is almost always presented as Turkish aggression by the Greek press.

Regarding the monarchy question, I am content that Greece has no monarchy of any kind.