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Originally Posted by Dissonance View Post
SThe strategic bombing campaign was in no way vital to defeating Germany. They were going to be steamrollered by the Red Army in the end regardless. For the nth time, production of war materials by Germany increased every year despite the strategic bombing.
This is a meaningless statement without refernece to

1. An idea of what Germany COULD have produced without bombing, and
2. What the military cost to Germany was of resisting strategic bombing.

It is fact that a substantial portion of that production was dedicated to trying to stop Allied bombing; according to Keegan, a quarter of German shell production was being used trying to shoot down bombers, and by later in the war pretty much the entire Luftwaffe was involved in the same endeavour, as opposed to supporting German troops. As the German army joke went, "If you see black planes they're British, if you see white planes they're American, if you see no planes it's the Luftwaffe."

It is perhaps interesting to ask why, if bombing was so useless, the Germans invested so much in trying to stop it. And what could they have done with that investment elsewhere?