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Dear White People

Because this movie really digs into ideas about race and racial identity, it's a very welcome change from what's usually out there. It's not so much about how blacks have to deal with white prejudice and attitudes, although that's present, but it's much more about how blacks have to deal with assimilation and the complicated navigation of white and black expectations of themselves and each other. So from the standpoint of being quite novel and provocative, it's wonderful. It should lead to some great conversation.
But I want to say that the plot, the dialogue, the acting, and the direction are pathetic and amateurish. None of the reviews I've looked at are willing to acknowledge these flaws, and while they don't totally undermine the value of the film, they certainly did detract from it for me. I hope a lot of people see it, although I'm sure it won't get a wide audience. But it's a worth see just for the sake of seeing a movie with such important and significant underlying issues.