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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
No, I'm very interested in the studies you cited, and I'm very interested in finding more data, both since the data available is so sparse, and since the ProPublica study directly conflicts with the data you cited.
Pro publica didn't do a study.

They did some simple math.

But because your mind is already made up on this, and you're choosing to dismiss any data that doesn't match your preconceived notions, I'm not really interested in further exploration of your opinions on the issue.
Its not data. 37 deaths over 3 years is simply not data.

Neither of us are going to change each others minds.
My mind will not change until the facts change.
Your mind will not change until your feelings change.

And not surprisingly, you're misstating my views on some other things, a discussion of which would probably belong in another thread.
I'm sorry you're right, you did not say you were disregarding the peer reviewed studies. You simply went ahead and placed it on even footing with the pro publica crap. If anyone other than a liberal on this board tried to pull this sort of bullshit, they would be buried under a mountain of jeers and ridicule.

The FACT of the matter is that accusations of racism as you expressed in your last post are abused to vilify those that disagree with you and allow you to close your mind to the notion that you might be wrong.