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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Any study about police violence would be "some simple math", since such a study would involve nothing more than mathematical analysis of statistics. But okay, we're done on this. You're not interested in any information that doesn't confirm your own preconceived notions. And manufacturing accusations of racism, apparently, since I didn't call you a racist (but hey, cry wolf if that's your thing).
So when you say "considering what you've said before about black culture..." you are NOT implying that I may be racist?
What you're doing is plain for all to see.

And no, the studies on police violence did more than just crunch numbers. It was an actual study that analyzed the numbers and compared them ti the situations when deaths occurred and they came to the conclusion that cops do not kill blacks more often than whites.

Pro publica seems to have gone through the numbers and said, "hey, lets see if there is some sliver of the data set where we see really big disparities and call that a statistic and rile up the rubes into thinking that the number is indicative of something" They found 37 deaths out of thousands over three years and call it an epidemic of some sort. Its statistical noise.

Like I said, based on pro-publica's methodology, cops kill asian teenagers at 3 times the rate they kill white kids.

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