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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
It provides about as much useful "data" as the one shooting of an Asian boy does on police inclination to shoot Asian boys. The ONE statistician that they used for this backed away from the "study"

So I understand something about statistics. Do you?

What pro-publica did was engage in P-mining or data dredging.

If you pick through a data set looking for a particular relationship long enough, you will find a statistically significant relationship somewhere. Statistical significance just tells us that there is a 95% chance that a result is not random. It doesn't tell you what might cause the non-randomness. That is what a study does. N The Pro-Publica "study" just throws the number out there with no context other than "look, cops killed a disproportionate of black people" with the implication that it is racism.

You ever play roulette and sometimes you see a long line of red or black numbers. If you just took that clump of red numbers you would might be able to reach the conclusion that red is more likely to be rolled than a black number. But its just noise.

Why? It's statistical noise
They didn't data dredge. They were specifically looking for data about shootings of black and white people by police. And they presented that data. They're not saying, and I'm not saying, "this is conclusive evidence of racism". They're just saying "this is interesting and should be studied further", which is what I'm saying as well.

You appear to have made a conclusion based on other studies, and no other data presented can affect your conclusion. IMO, that's ridiculous and unscientific, but you're free to make such a conclusion if you wish.

As to whether such numbers are "noise" or not, further investigation might reveal this. We certainly don't have enough information to make such a conclusion at this point.

Your certainty is unconvincing to me.