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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
Storytelling and anecdote is STILL storytelling and anecdote.
And also - data.
I just want to be clear, you are eschewing logic and reason for anecdote.
False dichotomy - I use both. Because I'm not a robot.
Logic and reason is the minority's friend, subjectivity is his enemy.
Naah, sorry - "logic and reason" is also how you get eugenics, "Social Darwinism", and related ills. "Logic and reason" is only as useful as its predicates, and subjectivity is a useful approach to human-human interactions.

Because humans are not robots.
Because all the subjective calls are not going to go your way over the long term.
That's not exactly a new thing. But neither has the application of "reason and logic" been particularly favourable, historically. You just have to look at the scientific racists right here to see that. They think they're being completely reasonable and logical...

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