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Forgot to mention that the professor that disavowed involvement with the ProPublica is not a statistician, but a criminologist. They go into more detail here:
"ProPublica found evidence of a disparity in the risks faced by young black and white men. This does not prove that police officers target any age or racial group the data is far too limited to point to a cause for the disparity. We hoped that our analysis would spur further inquiry into why this disparity exists, which it has done, and we stand by it."

Those studies have been done. At least twice that I know of and that police do not kill blacks more frequently than whites after taking variables into account.

See Roland Fryer.

Age was taken into account.

Once again, we are talking about 37 police killings out of 3000.

If pro-publica wanted to do an ACTUAL study, nothing is stopping them but the raw data on a data series that represents about 1& of the data set is meaningless and best (and a deliberate lie at worst).