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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
And also - data.
I think you are confusing emotions with data. There may even be information there but its not data.

Lets say that we wanted to determine whether Harvard is discriminating against Asians in the admissions process. Could we listen to the story of one Asian student that was denied by Harvard and call that data? Of course not. We would need a systematic attempt to collect relevant information that is collected in a way to weed out distortive factors and constructed to prove or disprove a hypothesis.

Some law professor talking about how lonely they felt as the only black male at Yale law school is not data. Its just a story, even though he gets to teach an entire law school lecture on those feelings, its still just a story.

False dichotomy - I use both. Because I'm not a robot.
I'm not sure how a robot would be any worse at confusing anecdote (essentially emotion) from logic and reason.

Naah, sorry - "logic and reason" is also how you get eugenics, "Social Darwinism", and related ills. "Logic and reason" is only as useful as its predicates, and subjectivity is a useful approach to human-human interactions.

Because humans are not robots.
Emotion and anecdote is how you get Willie Horton, racism, lynching.

That's not exactly a new thing. But neither has the application of "reason and logic" been particularly favourable, historically. You just have to look at the scientific racists right here to see that. They think they're being completely reasonable and logical...
Just because they THINK they are being reasonable and logical doesn't mean they are. Every scientific racist I have ever heard ignores the effects of racism and cherry-pick's data. There are too many studies that document things like stereotype threat that you can't simply say "hey look rich black kids do worse on IQ tests than poor white kids so it couldn't be environmental and therefore its is a genetic difference in IQ, no need to look any further"