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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
Yes. If we are doing an analysis of racism in the law and you tell me how you lonely you felt in law school. That is not data.
Of course your cartoon rendition of CRT is not the actual substance of it. And if the actual question is "Why are most judges white men", how PoCs feel about law school is very much relevant data.
That is meaningless in this conversation.
Data as we are discussing it is a pool of information that we can use to test a hypothesis.
A single point of data is useless.
That's ... just not true.
A single datum can sometimes blow an entire thesis out of the water. If it's the right datum.
Third but I speak and read at native levels.
Native American levels?
I think the confusion you are sensing is the result of thinking that all information is data.
All information is data. It just wants the right processing.
While the saying that "the plural of anecdote is not data" is too simplistic its not entirely inaccurate either.
It's an idiotic homily people who have never done a day of research like to use to pat themselves on their (virtual) backs.
A couple of anecdotes is not really enough information to draw any conclusions or develop any sort of policy.
Good thing the narrative of racism isn't just a "couple of anecdotes", then...
You started it.
Did I?
Logic and reason did not get us gas chambers.
Oh, they very much did.
The desire to exterminate people did.
No, that gets people shot in the woods. It takes "logic and reason" to get to gaschambers.
unless you think the extermination of jews was logical and rational.
The Nazis certainly thought it was. Their thinking is laid quite plain. "Problem"->"Solution (Final)" is the language of "reason", not emotion.
Unit 731 was inhumane.
And yet, to the people doing it, "logical and reasonable"
We are talking about CRT.
Were we? I thought we were talking about how I'm a liberal and andy is a most dangerous man...
Is CRT using loosey goosey emotional arguments to stop genocide or human medical experimentation? Of course not.
"loosey goosey"? Is that your empirical analysis?
I can point to where they are not being logical. Can you point me to where I am not being logical?
There was that time you called an established academic school a "cancer"... that didn't seem very logical...
The scientific racists are not being rebutted by arguments that logic and reason can be ignored. They are being rebutted by better logic and reason. You are rebutting logic and reason with anecdotes, feelings and emotions.
Where have I done that?
Objective facts, logic and reason are almost always better for minorities and the politically weak than subjectivity.
Many minorities don't seem to agree with you...
If subjectivity is working in your favor, you have to wonder how politically weak you are.
We already know how the deck is stacked, thanks .

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