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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
Sorry. I'll limit my statements to those that are non-dangerous.

Hey, I like kittens!
Don't worry, I don't think there is anything dangerous about you. Noone will be enticed to agree with you the way they might be with iiandyiiii. Noone else on this board has people standing up and saying "well, if manson1972 is getting mad at you, then you MUST be an asshole" This isn't a swipe at you (noone says that about someone that I get mad at either) it's merely my observation that iiandyiiii has a reputation for being noticably and remarkably affable, patient and pleasant. People mistake this for level-headedness rationality and logic when its really just a symptom of politeness. iiandyiiii is polite and sometimes wrong. He is no more open to ideas he doesn't like than you are but I bet a lot of posters think he is.