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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Perhaps you'll also admit that a reasonable person can look at the ProPublica report and honestly think it's decent data -- not conclusive by any means, but reasonable to consider when looking at the entire picture. And that your dismissal of the data was highly overstated.

Or would that be too dangerous for you?
Perhaps I haven't spelled it out in enough detail.

in 2005, Pro-Publica came up with this highly sensational ratio of cops killing 14-19 year old black males 21 times more frequently than 14-19 year old white males. This received a lot of criticism at the time but at the time it was something that was worth looking into.

THEN several studies were conducted and they concluded that cops do not kill black men at higher rates than white men. That makes the Pro-Publica calculations no more than interesting factoids. Do you understand why a subsequent study that addresses the "issue" that you think the pro-publica article brings up, makes the pro-publica factoid irrelevant?

I would have probably dismissed the data back then for the same reason that all the critics of Pro-Publica dismissed it. I think its cherrypicking information for maximum sensational effect but I would have said that there might be something to it; especially because at the time I thought cops were in fact killing blacks more frequently than whites. My posts on this board at the time are consistent with this view. But after the Fryer study, the already weak evidence it provided evaporated. And with the change in facts, my view changed. Why hasn't yours?

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