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In the 50's and 60's (and still to some extent even up to today) because the Communist party also supported the civil rights movement, many used the false syllogism that everyone who supported the civil rights movement was a communist. Today, it has become; because some of the things (like universal health care, living wage laws, and green policies, etc) that some of the current Democrats in govt support are also positions that the far left support, then surely those Democrats are far left. While those of us who are truly on the far left are left shaking our heads. Today's Democratic party in the US (even including "nutcases" as Shodan so tactfully put it) has more in common with the Republicans than they do with anything on the far left.

And. . .while reparations and gun confiscation may be extreme positions in Democratic circles, they are not positions of the far left. Fringe left does not equal far left.