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How do other countries prevent it?[...]
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I don't get out much, so this is a genuine question. Do other countries place as much emphasis as we do on the importance of self as opposed to community? Because, yes, guns make it real easy to get up to shenanigans, but what I want to know is what makes people want to do this stuff in the first place? What sorts of people do this? And what are they needing from the rest of us that they're not getting?
The USA is messed-up because we highlight and celebrate violence, narcissism, and a quick (my words) "fuck you", more than we value any sense of community or civility. We love shoot-em-up movies, shoot-em-up TV shows, shoot-em-up reality shows, etc. We fucking love watching folks putting holes in bitches and/or the aftermath of solving the criminal case(s) surrounding it. It’s easily monitized entertainment… never mind that it’s obscene and quite misanthropic.