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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
I am in absolute agreement with you. These people deserved a little private time to grieve before politics and advocacy groups got involved.

As an aside, how much time for private grief and consolation do you feel is appropriate to give to gun rights advocates after such incidents? Just a ballpark figure.
I don't think it is so much how much time is elapsed, as the venue. Turning a vigil into a rally is kind of crass.

Back when Paul Wellstone, the Senator from Minnesota, was killed in a plane crash, a public occasion to memorialize him turned into a full-throated political rally. The governor at the time, Jesse Ventura, who is/was neither Democrat nor Republican, mentioned that it was in poor taste. Not that he was renowned for his tact and discretion, but even he knew that there is not only a time but a place for such things.

Inviting students to a vigil, and then springing a political rally on them to use them for an agenda, is neither the time nor the place. As I said, the Brady Campaign at least had the grace to apologize.