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I have never owned a Mercedes but I've driven a few including an AMG SL (last week) and yeah, they're fine, but I wasn't impressed at what that amount of money will buy you.

Originally Posted by Shoeless View Post
Older Dopers may remember Ford's ad campaign from back in the late 70s or early 80s when "real people not actors" apparently couldn't tell the difference between a Mercedes and a Ford Granada.
I worked for Ford at about that time and was embarrassed by the ads where people would see a Ford, and say, "Oh, the Joneses got a new Mercedes!" Making your whole selling point that you copied Mercedes styling was desperate.

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Pretty much every human has some consumer product where this applies to them - it's odd how many think one person's choices are silly without acknowledging their own.
All luxury goods are like that. The higher the price, the higher the profit margin. At a certain point, luxury manufacturers are not selling you functionality, they are selling you image--they are selling you the right to think you're better than everybody else. And that right costs a lot of money.
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