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May 30, 1883: A stampede on the recently-opened Brooklyn Bridge.

The tragic incident starts when a woman trips and falls descending the wooden stairs on the Manhattan side of the bridge. This causes another woman to scream at the top of her lungs, which causes those nearby to rush towards the scene. The commotion sparks a chain reaction of confusion, as more and more people panic and mob the narrow staircase, creating a massive pileup. Thousands are on the promenade, quickly turning the situation deadly.

Believing a collapse is imminent, terrified pedestrians scramble for the exit, trampling one another. Panicked men, women and children pile on top of each another and become trapped against the iron fences that line the narrow promenade. In true old-time New York fashion, pickpockets come to rob the helpless victims.

Eventually, some quick-thinking workers are able to cut away some of the iron fence, allowing trapped victims to escape from the promenade onto the streetcar tracks below. Afterwards, The New York Times will describe a vivid, gruesome scene, littered with gloves, shawls, handkerchiefs, smashed jewelry, crumpled men’s and women’s hats, and shredded trimming from ladies’ dresses. Broken canes and torn parasols spattered with blood are strewn about the roadway. 12 are dead on the stairs, and more than 35 are wounded.