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June 2, 1692: Bridget Bishop is the first person to be tried for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.

Bishop was accused of bewitching five young women, on the date of her examination by the authorities, April 19, 1692.

Several people testify against Bishop, stating that she would pinch, choke or bite them. She had also threatened to drown one victim if she did not write her name in a certain book. During the trial, any time Bishop looks upon one of her alleged victims, they are immediately struck down, and only her touch would revive them. More allegations are made during the trial, including that of a woman saying that the apparition of Bishop tore her coat; upon examination her coat is found to be torn in the exact spot. One man accuses Bishop of bewitching his child and also of striking his son with a spade. One father and son testify that their cat appeared to be bewitched, or poisoned, after a dispute with Bishop.

During her sentencing, a jury of women find a third nipple upon Bishop (then considered a sure sign of witchcraft), yet upon a second examination the nipple is not found. In the end the biggest thing that condemns Bishop is the gross amount of lying she commits in court. According to one historian, "there was little occasion to prove the witchcraft, it being evident and notorious to all beholders."

Bishop is sentenced to death and will be hanged on June 10, age 59 or 60.