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June 3, 1943: The "Zoot Suit Riots" are a series of conflicts on June 3–8, 1943 in Los Angeles, which pit American servicemen stationed in Southern California against Mexican-American youths and other minorities who are residents of the city. L.A. is one of a dozen wartime industrial cities that suffer racially-related riots in the summer of 1943, along with Mobile, Alabama; Beaumont, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; and New York City.

American servicemen and white civilians attack and strip children, teenagers, and youths who wear zoot suits, ostensibly because they consider the outfits, which are made from a lot of fabric, to be unpatriotic during World War II. Rationing of fabric is required at the time for the war effort. The conflicts are rooted in racism against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. While most of the violence is directed toward Mexican-American youth, young African-American and Filipino-Americans who are wearing zoot suits are also attacked.