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Originally Posted by Spud View Post
I'm just waiting for the stream of people who finally decided to try salt on their watermelon.

The only thing better than reserved seats for a movie is reserved seats, good food, and craft beer delivered to your seat.
Not salt, but watermelon and feta cheese rocks! I only tried it by accident ( really, who puts brightly colored spotlights over a buffet table ) because I thought it was tomato and mozzarella. But I’m glad I did.

And I can second texting, Kindles, and pineapple pizza.

One of my own, cruises. I took my first cruise because some old friends of mine were doing one as a reunion event. I thought I would hate it, I thought it would be boring, crowded and generally obnoxious. And I ended up loving it and I’ve been vacationing on cruise ships ever since.

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