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June 8, 452: Attila the Hun invades and ravages Italy.

New communities are established in what would later become Venice as a result of these attacks, when the residents flee to small islands in the Venetian Lagoon. Attila’s army sacks numerous cities and razes the town of Aquileia so completely that it will be afterwards hard to recognize its original site. Roman General Aėtius lacks the strength to battle, but manages to harass and slow Attila's advance with only a shadow force. Attila is finally halted at the River Po. By this point, disease and starvation may have taken hold in his camp, thus hindering his war efforts and potentially contributing to the cessation of invasion.

Italy had suffered from a terrible famine in 451 and her crops are faring little better in 452. Attila's devastating invasion of the plains of northern Italy this year do not improve the harvest. To advance on Rome would require supplies which are not available in Italy, and taking the city would not improve Attila's supply situation. Therefore, it is more profitable for Attila to retreat to his homeland.

In early 453 Attila will be at a feast celebrating his latest marriage. In the midst of the revels, however, he will suffer a severe nosebleed and choke to death in a stupor.