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The Portland metro area only has a couple of "real" Walmart stores, because the masses have been successful at keeping them out. But we do have their "neighborhood markets" - grocery stores with the Walmart name. There's one within a mile of my house. We went there for a while, a couple of years back, during a stretch of money being tight. We were quite happy when our situation improved and we didn't have to go there anymore.

I guess it's okay if you are buying a name brand that can also be found in other places. I'll still pop in there from time to time to get Tillamook sharp shredded cheddar, as they sell it in bulk for a good price (and unfortunately, Costco doesn't).

But some of their crap is just that. Their produce and bakery stuff is poor quality. On more than one occasion, we bought canned food ("Great Value") that had gone bad in the can. How does that even happen?

I'll stick with paying a bit more at Fred Meyer or Safeway, thank you very much.