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Originally Posted by digs View Post
OP, you didn't mention what negative views you meant. And if you personally don't have any negative views, why not just shop there, why the thread?

I'm thinking that if you're wondering what negatives are, it might help if you ask that question.
What he said:

Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
I'm finding it hard to find an OP I disagree with more than this one, but I may have missed a thread singing the virtues of wearing golf cleats to stomp newborn kittens. WM is the absolute pits. They treat their employees like crap, many of their electronics are substandard (compared to identical models sold at legitimate retailers) with regard to durability and features, and they consistently force the customer to choose between waiting 30 minutes in line because only one cashier is working, or to do the cashier's job without the pay and do their own checkout. It's a system designed to abuse consumers, employees, producers (underpaid Chinese manufacturers), and legitimate retailers (by underpricing and selling substandard crap) while increasing income for the filthy rich owners. It's an immoral operation in just about every regard and it's not worth my time, soul, or money to set foot in one.