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Originally Posted by GESancMan View Post
Huh. At the two Costcos near me, they just glance at the receipt, glance at the cart, and mark the receipt. It's totally painless. I suspect it depends on the individual store.

I signed an agreement with Costco that I will stop and get my receipt checked. I have signed no such agreement with Walmart. On the rare occasions I go into a "real" Walmart, I just blow right by the receipt checkers. Fuck them.
Leaving my local CostCo is like entering West Germany from the East. Every single cart is thoroughly inspected before the receipt being checked off and let through, and they seem to get the oldest fogey to check who moves as slowly as possible when he literally physically checks your cart and looks through each bag.

The one time I bought an HDTV there during a super sale and I was just bringing the TV by itself not in any sort of bag, it still took a good minute of inspection of the receipt, then the TV, then the receipt, then the TV again before being let through.