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I live out in the sticks. It's a ten mile drive to get to the nearest Walmart or other grocery store. However, when I do get into town, I can get from any of the four grocery stores to another in about five minutes so I read the weekly ads and shop accordingly.

A Dollar General has opened up in view of my front yard. It is a welcome addition, IMHO. I can now buy ice cream and get it home without it melting. Prices on most of the grocery items I buy at DG might be a bit higher than those in town at a grocery store, but probably not higher than the price of the gas I'd burn on the 20 mile trip to get one or two things.

The local neighborhood Walmart is weird. It has a big "DAIRY" sign on the back wall. There is no cheese, sour cream, or yogurt there. Only milk. The aisle sign for "Asian Foods" has been hung in the wrong place for five years now. It's the only store in town where the hot dogs aren't near the bologna and other cold cuts. They claim to label unit pricing on their shelves, but they play games with it. On one brand of paper towels they may list the price per sheet cost, on another cents per square foot, and another, price per roll. It's done so the expensive stuff looks cheaper than it is to the unobservant.