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Originally Posted by Riemann View Post
As for other possible factors - there would be no problem getting a sample from the body, but they don't say what it's being compared to. It sounds like there's a son. It's possible that they have tested and it's a case of non-paternity, and they can't talk about that.
DNA has this in common with fingerprints and dental records. Unless you have a match between your sample and some identifiable individual (in the case of DNA a near relative will do) you cannot make a positive ID.

Dental records are often mentioned in older detective stories, but unless they know which dentist the corpse used and they actually had some identifiable work done, it just wouldn't work. You kind of get the impression of all the dentists riffling through their filing cabinets looking for a match.

I would have thought that there would be plenty of matches in the house though, to at least confirm that he lived there, so delays in the system are the more likely cause.