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Originally Posted by Balthisar View Post
The stuff at Target is nice? It seems to me that it's the same stuff that's sold at Walmart or Meijer.
It's pretty similar, but it's amazing to me the difference, at least in my neighborhood. Years back, in back-to-back shopping plazas, there was a Walmart in one, and a Target in the other. I went in the Walmart to buy yarn or some shit like that (which Target doesn't carry--or at least not the ones around here). Describing it as pure chaos is overstating it, but it was pretty crazy in there with kids running loudly up and down aisles, folks blocking aisles with their shopping carts, and just in general too much humanity concentrated in one place. We then went to Target to buy some follow-up purchases, and it was peaceful, serene, no loud kids running around loose, no shoppers with no concept that they're not the only people in the store. Just a night and day difference.

Now, I've been to very pleasant Walmarts. When we were traveling through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, in an RV, all the Walmarts we visited were fine. Nice, even. Hell, they all let us park our RV in the parking lot overnight, even though that policy had been officially discontinued by that time.

So it varies quite a bit from location to location, but, around here, I do my best to avoid Walmart. There's other stores I could go do just as cheap (or nearly so) and I could avoid the hassle.

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