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June 13, 1927: Aviator Charles Lindbergh receives a ticker tape parade down 5th Avenue in New York City.

Ticker tape parades originated after a spontaneous celebration held on October 28, 1886, during the dedication of the Statue of Liberty and is still most closely associated with New York City. The term ticker tape originally referred to the use of the paper output of ticker tape machines, which were remotely driven devices used in brokerages to provide updated stock market quotes. The term ticker came from the sound made by the machine as it printed. Ticker tape technology became obsolete in the 1960s, as television and computers came into use for transmitting financial information. Modern parades utilize waste office paper and toilet paper that have been cut using conventional paper shredders. The city also distributes paper confetti.

The section of lower Broadway through the Financial District that serves as the parade route for these events is colloquially called the "Canyon of Heroes". More than 200 black granite strips embedded in the sidewalks along this route list honorees of past ticker-tape parades.