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Vague recollection of sci-fi/fantasy story

I used to read to my kids all the time when they were young - including all of the LOTR and Narnia books. Yesterday I had a very vague recollection of a story from when they were young - probably would've been in the late 1990s. Wondering if any of you had any recollection of a similar story.

All I can recall is that there were a group of main characters who encountered one character was a traveler/adventurer, and who appeared to have tremendous powers. He arrived in some sort of a ship – possibly a boat or plane/airship. It eventually turned out that the character’s powers came from his ship, which was somewhat sentient. When he was very young, his parents had devised what was essentially a robotic nanny/protector/tutor for him. Not sure if the parents died or what, but growing up it was essentially him and his robo-nanny. Over time, as the character aged, he increased the “nanny’s” abilities, and at some point the ship began improving upon itself. Eventually, the character and his ship developed somewhat of a symbiotic relationship.

Does any of that ring a bell with any of you?

Here's the kicker - I used to make up stories for my kids as well. I don't THINK I would have been creative enough to come up with this sort of thing, but it is possible.
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