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Annual checkup

Iím trying to understand if this situation is normal, or if I have a shitty doctor. So, I have my annual checkup every year with the same Doctor, and the only healthcare network available in my area. A few years ago, they started wheeling in laptops to type in info. So the nurse asks me questions and types in my responses, on her laptop. What medications Iím on, any abnormal conditions Iíve been experiencing, and general health questions etc. Then the nurse leaves.
A few minutes later the doctor comes in with his laptop and basically asks THE SAME EXACT QUESTIONS! Arenít these computers linked up somehow? I had a bout of pancreatitis a few years back and some other issues, but whenever the doctor types in his laptop to change medications. I always have to call them up in a few weeks because the changes never get to the pharmacy.
Is this a normal experience?