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Possibly relevant anecdote: I went in to see the doctor one time recently. The nurse asked me some questions about my condition, and I answered them as the nurse typed away. Then the doctor came in and asked me some of the same questions, and I mentioned that the nurse had been typing my responses in as I told her, so the answers should be there. Then the doctor read me what the nurse had written, and it was an abbreviated version of what I had said, with some relevant details missing. Once I heard that, I realized it was smartest to just retell the doctor everything I had told the nurse.

Even in the case of yes or no questions, I think this runs the risk of happening. For example, I think there was one question on the computer asking if I felt nausea, and the nurse had answered yes because I had mentioned vomiting. But I hadn't actually felt any nausea when I was vomiting, so when the doctor asked "Any nausea?" and I said no, she said "Oh, it says yes here."

So I think your situation is normal. I think I've received better care from my doctor than I would have if she had simply gone by the notes typed up by the nurse.

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