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Originally Posted by The wind of my soul View Post
Personal opinion #1: I disagree, I think the sampling makes the song.

Personal opinion #2: I'm having so much fun learning new things in this thread that I kinda wish the question asked was not "which hit single was most dependent on a sample?" but simply "which hit single used which sample?". Maybe the thread will go that way anyways.
The orchestral backing is definitely a huge part of the song, but I think with a little work they could have come up with a similar track that would have been almost as good, and not gotten 100% (!) of their royalties taking away for twenty years

BTW, youtube is of course an excellent source for everything, but especially for this- tons of best samples, worst samples, songs you didn't know were samples, etc.

One of my fav rarities, the famous opening from Bust a Move is from the song Found A Child from the criminally unknown band Ballin' Jack: