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Music to set the mood ...

I'm sure this has probably been brought up here before, but I hadn't been able to uncover it in a search yet, so I figure I'll start a fresh thread.

Since I'm currently in a dry spell, so to speak, I've had plenty of time for browsing my music collection today. I'm one of those people who music affects deeply. It can bring back a serious flood of memories. Or it can completely alter my mood, though, more often than not, I choose music to enhance the mood I'm already in rather than change it. Anyway, I came across several CDs of music I've found to be particularly seductive. Yes, I have been known to make a few choice selections to put in the car before a date, or to provide background for dinner or a nightcap at my place. Not that I have to have music to get in the mood or date only women who need it, it just happens to speed things along on occasion. The right rhythm and melody can be so damn sexy! Sometimes it works for both of us. Other times I've been asked to change the music. Of course, lyrics are the last thing you should be paying attention to, so most of these are chosen for the atmosphere set by the beat, voice, and melody. Here's a list of CDs I've found with the most seductive power (YMMV):

Kruder & Dorfmeister, The K&D Sessions. Perhaps the sexiest music I've ever found ... just makes you want to throw your clothes off and dance naked. I once went out with a girl who got so turned on by the remix of Depeche Mode's Useless. Funny how it's become one of my favorites on the CDs. The music seems to be varied enough that most everyone finds something sensual.

Vanessa Daou, Zipless. The lyrics are damn hot! Okay, I know I just said that you really shouldn't have your mind on the lyrics, but hey ...

Thievery Corporation, The Mirror Conspiracy and The Richest Man in Babylon. Both very much like K&D ... very "loungey" and jazzy with an international flair.

Gabriela Anders, Wanting. Jazzy, slow beats; sexy voice.

Chicane, Visions of Ibiza. It's a 2 CD compilation of various artists, not all Chicane original works. The first disc is oh-so-sensual, especially E.V.A. by Heights of Abraham. Great summer listening for the occasional romantic sunset or just chilling out.

Bebel Gilberto, Tanto Tempo. Latin-infused music, also pretty jazzy.

Blue Six, Beautiful Tomorrow. Sexy, very sexy. Blue Six in the player, a bottle of wine, and there's not much you can't have. Great beats for setting up a ... umm ... rhythm.

So, guys, how many of you find yourself using music to enhance the mood? What are your choices?

And I'm seeking input from women too. Does music even do anything for you? Have you used music to help you seduce a guy? Any glaring omissions in my choices?
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I don't know any of those but I think I might go check them out.....

Yeah music definitely sets the mood. I like Jazz, or maybe something latin, I have a Norah Jones CD that is currently a favorite...nothing that is an old standby for seduction though.
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I'm gonna have to check out Norah Jones. That's the second time it's been 'recommended' to me by a female. Hmm ...

Of course, I forgot to mention Lords of Acid's Lust (techno, very techno) ... with a song titled Rough Sex and the lyrics "... sit on your face, I wanna sit on your face ..." and "... don't bite me, just eat me ..." in one selection, you just know it's a keeper!

Funny how I've yet to go out with someone I'm comfortable playing that CD for.


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