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I remeber reading a subject line ages ago how someone got banned from Napster. I ran a search for the thread but can't find it. Back then I didn't know what napster was but now I have the program. My question is, how do you get banned from Napster?
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...by being foolish enough to keep and share Metallica tunes.

But eveything else seems to be fair play.
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RE: Banned from Napster.

Over 300,000 usernames were banned from Napster a couple of months ago for committing the heinous crime of exchanging Metallica songs via the site.

Metallica sued Napster because the exchanging of the music was, to Metallica, a copyright violation (of course the real issue is Metallica doesn't get paid from the transaction...but then again neither does Napster)As part of the settlement, Napster agreed to remove over 300,000 usernames who they had determined had exchanged Metallica music and 'banned' them. Apparently...this makes little difference because, as my brother who was banned indicated, it's no trick to set up a new user name. Additionally he indicated that new sites form every day which do the same exact thing as Napster...so apparently no one cried.

The real question is how does Napster actually make money???? Their software is free and they don't appear to have much site advertising.

This whole issue is merely a prelude to the larger issue of copyrights, an artists work, and having access to the work via the WWWeb.

For a real good explanation of the issues, go back 2 months and Time Magazine did a cover story which presented all sides to the viewpoint.

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Well, if you want to get BANNED from Napster (and why you'd want to do that, I have no idea), the best way would be to download as many Metallica and Dr. Dre songs as possible and then make them available to other users whenever you are on. These two groups have pending law suits against the company (which I believe goes to court on July 26th - so download everything you want soon just in case...)

And I'll just leave it at that because if you hunt down songs by these bands, some other P.I. dirt bag out there will write your username down, send it on to the law firm and demand that Napster ban you (at which point you use a new user name because Napster will honor those requests)
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MH, just visit snap.com & input your subject header there. Youll have your answe. Here is one interesting site that came up:
napster ban fix http://www3.cybercities.com/n/napste...apsterfix.html
a napster fix and napster ban fix - if you were banned from napster by metallica, then use this
napster ban fix to get back on and continue downloading free mp3s!
Similar sites listed in: Snap Directory Internet Software
Submitted by i9284028 on 17-Jul-2000 02:19:00 pm
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I'm talking from memory of second-hand news, so don't take me at my word here. But, that said, here's something I heard:

Napster maintains that it is no more liable for any infringements than the phone company is liable for someone that uses a phone to set up a drug deal. In order to maintain this, they must agree to ban people suspected of violating copyrights. They leave all burden of proof up to the accusers.

In this case, the accusers are Metallica and Dr.Dre. They had to assemble lists of the hundreds of thousands of people they thought had exchanged their music illegally. So Napster banned those users.

Here's the clever part (as well as the part I haven't bothered to corroborate): Anyone banned may appeal the decision to Napster. Their policy in these cases is to reinstate the user pending any legal action. In other words, in order for the ban to stick, one of the bands would have to sue the individual user. If such a suit were brought against someone, Napster would uphold the ban, otherwise they get their privileges back.

Obviously, Metallica and Dr.Dre are not going to individually sue more than a quarter million people.
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From that site I listed, 30,000 of those Metallica pirates were reinstated.


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