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Old 10-17-2011, 01:14 AM
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Costumes in Your Closet

Hello everyone!

With Halloween approaching, I thought that it might be fun to have an exchange of costume ideas, based around what other people already have in their closets/houses.

I'll go first. Things I have that could be useful in a costume:

A maroon satin bathrobe with a huge dragon embroidered on the back (I bought this for $2 from a thrift store, because, well, who wouldn't want one? I feel like I've seen a character in a movie wear such a thing, but I can't remember.)

A plain, floor-length sleeveless black dress

A shiny silver bomber jacket

A ratty pair of cutoffs in a camo pattern

A pair of boxers that look like the union jack

A pair of olive green harem pants

Cowboy hat

Black felt hat with a very wide, floppy brim

Venetian Mardi-Gras type mask, purple/gold

Mask made out of Autumn leaves

Delta Gamma sorority paddle

Tablecloth-sized tie-dyed "wall tapestry"

Black cape, hooded and non-hooded

Large white ostrich feather

Plastic pirate sword and flag (I was a pirate years ago)

Large supersoaker spray painted silver

Blue feather boa

Garter belt-type stockings

White wrist length gloves

Black elbow length gloves

Roll of caution tape

So what of these could be the seed/base of a costume? I'm willing to buy some things, but I'd also like to use things I have.

More importantly, I'd like to see what others already have and be helpful to them in thinking of costume ideas.

P.S. Other potentially relevant information: I live in Texas, so any costume ideas don't need to be warm.
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xkit0katx xkit0katx is offline
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Hm, lotsa stuff! Almost too ideas yet but I'll try to think of something.

Here's what I've got in my closet:

Several long ren faire skirts
Hooded cape
high collared 'rat-catcher' blouse
A suede green vest
Brown leather pants (size too big)
Clip on kitty ears and tail
Silver ceramic horns
High heels of varying heights
A few fancy black-tie level dresses

I live in MA, and want my costume to be wearable/appropriate for school. I'm leaning towards doing a Schrodinger's cat, or something equally nerdy :-)
Old 10-17-2011, 12:23 PM
Miss Mapp Miss Mapp is offline
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I still have the note-spangled jacket and sky blue Peter-Pan-like cap from a Mr. B-Natural costume I wore many years ago. If I were going anywhere this Halloween, I'd bring it out in memory of the recently departed Mr. B.

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aruvqan aruvqan is offline
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Never suggest this game to someone that makes vintage costumes as a hobby ...
I can start at elaborate and work simple ...

Hmmm - black velvet full elizabethan, includes pair of bodys, corset, bumroll, farthingale, underskirts, overskirt, chemise, sleeves, modesty scarf, cuffs, collar and hat

couple different color shinrone gowns - I have black, blue and a sort of loden green. Saffron colored underdress, white chemise [different from elizabethan chemise] white hose and black hose, and 3 different plaids of victorian bullshit clan associations

blue linen brocade courthardie with plain butterfly sleeves, white chemise, white undergonelle and a matching liripippe hat

4 different salwar kameez - blue, light blue, light green and brocade to go with a turkomenistani del-equivalent ca 1200 shu-nu-shi, with braid case and pillbox hat with white linen veil

mossy green bog gown with red bordering embroidery, with little carven bone waterbirds with dangly feet ripped off this picture by mrAru

assorted extra bog gowns in blue, brown and beige. Great for camping =)

White chiton, peplos and stola [roman womens clothing] in linen and wool

I have a project currently in the works, a black velvet pillbox hat with faux diamond clusters that is part of a hall costume for a friend who's furry persona is based on a mouse that dresses like Barbara Eden in Genii. The costume is actually the pillbox hat to be worn with a veil, a set of black velvet bands with a diamond cluster each to decorate her tail and matching pony tail, and a black velvet tiny belly dancers vest and belt. It should be really cute on her. [I try not to judge people by their hobbys .. and it really should look cute with her mouse costume.]


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