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Pearl Harbor ghosts (very long, sorry)

Long story short here, but after I got out of the Air Force, I elected to stay at my last duty station. Hawaii, I could work my way through college in paradise. My GI bill would help me pay to do it there. Awesome.

I got a job as a Janitor at the Arizona Memorial. This is a national graveyard and for the most part, people were very respectful. Hopes that this comes out right, but native Hawaiians believed in ghosts, and the Japanese also respected their ancestors. (I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...I don't want to paint with a broad brush, but that's how it was)

I had heard about the spirits at the Memorial from my boss, my coworkers and practically everyone went on about it, but I was a modern girl who didn't pay attention to that sort of silly stuff.

The visitor center is right on the harbor, and Hawaii beaches aren't very stable, so sometimes crews of people came in to relevel the center. I usually did my job and ignored them.

My boss and cohert in crime would take a motor boat out to the USS Arizona once a week to clean it. While they were gone, I'd clean my area and then clean as much of cohert's area as I could.

So...I was all alone, except for the Park Ranger who was dozing at his desk. I started cleaning the lady's room, did the toilets, mopped the stalls, refilled the paper, then moved on to the sinks. Suddenly, I heard a groan.

I looked into the mirror and saw all of the restroom doors swing closed. OK. hmmmm. I moved to the next sink, heard another groan and the doors opened. I started moving faster. Not because I was worried about ghosts or anything, I just wanted to get cohert's work done as well. I'm that sort of person

Of course I wasn't thinking about ghosts or anything, not me. I was alone in a dark graveyard, trying to get my job done. No thoughts of the stories people told me. Not me!!!

I was just working really fast so I could go out and clean up the parking lot.

Suddenly, there was a howling screech, all of the doors SLAMMED shut and something hit me on the head.

That was it. I ran out of the visitor center, screaming for my boss and friend. The Ranger didn't even look my way. I was standing on the dock, screaming across the water when I remembered that I had a radio on my hip, so grabbed that and screamed into it, JOHN, RANDY, HELP ME!!!

They dropped everything and got into their boat. Randy was saying things like Boss, go faster, someones raping and killing our flatty and boss was telling him we can see her, she's jumping around and nobody's close. This made Randy tell boss that if humans weren't involved, it must be ghosts.

When they got there and I told them what had happened, we all huddled up together and crept back to look.

The tiles on the wall were cracked, the floor was cracked and the ceiling had cracked.

Boss sent us home early. The next day, we learned that the building had shifted and that releveling would be happening.
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[Doh! Just found the Boo forum.]

Great punchline!


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