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Hello. Nice to meet you.

I think I might have been a couple of years older than you are now when I discovered the Straight Dope book. I hadn't heard of alternative newspapers, and I don't think anybody had heard of the internet. Of course, this was back before the Earth's crust had cooled, and the Sun was still in the T Tauri phase...

I've been to Cambridge a few times, and it is lovely. I love the Kings College chapel. Have you read any of Susanna Gregory's books? She has a series that is set in Cambridge around the time of the Black Death, 1340s and 1350s, that I like very much.
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Originally Posted by SuperSmartAlex View Post
InnerStickler - I assume you mean "Du hast Kaese in deine Hose". Anyway, why would you want to say "You have cheese in your pants."?
Wouldn't you want to know if someone had cheese in their pants? I mean really, who doesn't have cheese in their pants?

Welcome SSA!
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Originally Posted by SuperSmartAlex View Post
Hello everyone!
Hello Blair.


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