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Old 05-06-2012, 09:33 PM
LC Strawhouse LC Strawhouse is offline
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People thinking that others are jealous of them

I've noticed that if two people are in a dispute, it always gets a strong (positive) reaction if you tell Person A that Person B may be jealous of them. Even if you tell them 20 other things, the "jealous" thing is what makes their eyes light up and sticks in their mind above all else.

Anyone else notice this? Anyone understand why this pushes peoples' buttons so much? I suspect some people really want to believe that others are jealous of them even if it beggars belief.
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BigT BigT is offline
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Perhaps because it's a large amount of bragging mixed with a fairly strong insult, all packed in one tiny phrase? You're saying both that you are 100% right in what you do and that the other person is so petty as the fact that you are right pisses them off--that they are incapable of feeling good for you.

It's also usually used as a comeback for voicing a criticism, and, as such, it completely poisons the well. Nothing you can say can dispell the idea that you are jealous. And frustration can definitely fuel anger, especially if it happens while you are already angry. So maybe that's it.

I'd love to hear what other people think. I've personally never encountered it, and always assumed it was a silly thing that only happened on TV.

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I've never encountered it, but

Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Nothing you can say can dispell the idea that you are jealous.
it took me decades to get my mother to understand I wasn't jealous of the maid she got when Littlebro was born: I was insulted by the maid and Mom not letting me help with the newborn like I'd helped with the previous one two years prior. As I once put it, "I didn't break the other one and I'm bigger now!"

Accusations of jealousy are one of those things which are as hard to get rid of as tar on a white muslin blouse.
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John DiFool John DiFool is offline
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"Envious" is the word you are looking for.


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