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For a fund raising project I'm working on, I need a simple answer. All the news outlets, and the City of New York, say that the FDNY lost 343 members on Sept. 11.

At the FDNY site is a listing of all the lost men. A quick count shows 344 members lost.

Does the official count not include the First Deputy Commissioner (William Feehan?), or the Chief of Department (Peter J. Ganci)?

I need the proper number for a limited edition photograph I'm producing. Instead of every print in the run being numbered, they'll each carry the name of a fireman, followed by the number of prints in the run (and susequently the number of lost men.)

Any FDNY dopers out there that can help me?
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Not FDNY, but SFD

The number I keep seeing is 343, inclusive of the Chief and Deputy Commish. Try , they're keeping a running total of the events of the 11th. Their list is combined with NYPD and the Port Authority, though.

Sorry if that didn't help all that much...
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Thanks for the response. The only other person who may not be included is the department chaplin, Father Judge. I'm not sure if he was rank-and-file and trained as a fireman.

The reason I need to know is this: I'm a photographer who produces a limited edition 5 X 7 inch black and white print every year as a holiday card.

It's a signed and numbered edition of around 120; I send out maybe 110-115.

This year, I'm printing 344, only instead of numbering them (ex: 1/120) each one will carry the name of a lost fireman.

I'll send out my usual 115 or so, with an appeal for everyone to buy another one for someone as a gift. A $35 check made out to the UFA Widows and Childrens fund gets an extra one; if I sell the remaining 229 I'll raise just over eight thousand dollars.

The photograph is one of the few I ever took of the trade center. (I always thought they were two of the ugliest buildings in creation; Battery Park City is much nicer. I was looking through over eight hundred contact sheets last week, I doubt I have 36 frames with even a part of those towers in them.) I couldn't adequetly descibe the image, and I can't post it to my website yet. (Scanner problems.)

But I thought I should explain why I ask such a seemingly trivial question.
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