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Old 07-23-1999, 11:06 PM
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Now that Loverock's cover has been blown, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think Bjorn and his friends are fakes, too. And I'll bet that the same people behind Loverock (which I thought was very funny) are also behind Bjorn, who I don't think is so funny. I like jokes like this....but there's a time limit on them, OK? Loverock has stopped being funny. Bjorn will stop being funny soon, too. Come up with a new one soon, and make it better than Bjorn. He's too stereotypically anti-American to be believable.

--from the one you know as Lawrence
Old 07-25-1999, 09:35 AM
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I thought it was funny, but not veryfunny the first time, and I didn't think it was funny the second time, and I didn't think it was funny the third time, and I didn't think it was funny the fourth time, and I didn't think it was funny the fifth time, and I didn't think it was funny the sixth time, and I didn't think it was funny the seventh time, and it hasn't got any better with continued repetitions.

C'mon, beat me again.
Old 07-25-1999, 08:35 PM
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I read the "originator" for each post that I select (2d from left). If is by someone that I found I don't wish to hear from, I skip that post. Try it! I enjoy much of the leg-pulling that goes on. If you don't, skip them!

Old 08-03-1999, 10:06 PM
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this is a must! lawrance wrote this brilliant speach (with a few errors, but who is here to notice?) saying i am a steriotype anti-american. are there so many people anti-american they have steriotypes? wow, im a barbie!

lawrance: you are right not to belive everything you see, but you are also wrong not to belive some of what you see, get some glasses, stop watching television, start reading(im not talking about playboy!), walk to work(school, mental institute or whatever)
and start wondering about why you have so many anti-american people in the world, as you care to name them (your words not mine).

bj0rn was last seen casting in a new show called "severe beating of an american with a bible(parential advisory thingy) in siberia."
Old 08-04-1999, 03:06 AM
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Bjorn: You suck.
Old 08-04-1999, 09:07 PM
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ohh... that hurt. please excuse me for a moment while i recover from the mental trauma you caused doob. now would you please tell me how i suck more than you, its much more fun than just reading "you suck!" its like if i would say to you "pardon me mister know it all, but i dont know why im telling you this because i really dont know you, but you still suck."

try something like: "by just reading what you post makes me realize how pathetic little lifeform you must be, by just posting 3 words you are intstantly displaying yourself as a unimaginative creature. your usage of the word suck would make an anteater vomit. i on the other hand take it as a compliment. because you managed to use a 4 letter word to describe how i look like to you. truely a heroic thing on your behalf. keep up the good work and use a 5 letter word next time."


what a delightful experiance it is to be able to post a message to you all
Old 08-10-1999, 02:32 PM
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Bjorn is much funnier if you read him out loud in a "Dana Garvey as Hans" voice.
Old 08-11-1999, 12:31 AM
kellibelli kellibelli is offline
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doobieous- you ROCK!!

Old 08-11-1999, 10:51 AM
SqrlCub SqrlCub is offline
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Bjorn said, "i dont know why im telling you this because i really dont know you, but you still suck."

A good response would have been, "I may suck, but at least I do it well."


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