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Periwinkle shells

A post on a local history page featured these small shells from Lake Erie. I remember them well. But a image search for periwinkle shows shells that are much fatter. Are these some variation of periwinkles?


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I'm not a biologist, but what I can find right now on periwinkles all show the "fatter" kind. And this page about shells from the Great Lakes reference a different genus, with conical shells, Pleurocera.

But that's the biologist definition. According to Merriam-Websters you can call any old snail a periwinkle:

periwinkle noun (2)
Definition of periwinkle (Entry 2 of 2)
: any of various gastropod mollusks: such as
a : any of a genus (Littorina) of edible littoral marine snails
also : any of various similar or related marine snails
b : any of several North American freshwater snails
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Before today, I've never heard periwinkle used to refer to anything other than marine gastropods (which are very tasty!) or the flowers and associated colour.

Calling pleurocerids periwinkles is just a quaint regionalism.
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I wonder if they are edible. You would need a lot of them. The rivers around here have several species of mussels. At my grandfather's farm on the Black River near Grafton you can find ones over 4" long.



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