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The Wonder Years

I haven't seen it in a long, very long time, but just came across an episode.

Holy cow. What a great show: so wonderful in so many ways; humour, reality, music, love, family, memories. But the music!
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I liked the early seasons best. The characters were kids and more likeable.

Kevin got a bit moody in the later seasons. There were some good episodes but there were more I didn't want to see again.

I agree the music on the show was really good.

It became a legal problem for the dvd release. It was delayed for years because they couldn't get all those artists to grant the rights.

I've been told the dvds have some song substitutions to get around unresolved copyright issues.

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I loved that show (well, didn't everybody)?

First memory: big brother Wayne busting into Kevin's room with a vacuum cleaner..."Hamster Patrol!"
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It's the music that kept it held up for years and years. No full seasons were released for public purchase until 2016. They were able to retain 96% of the music originally used. I don't know if they paid up all the licensing fees, which must have been collectively enormous, or they made some sort of other arrangement.
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If they made it today it would be set in 1999. We're OOOOOLLLLDDDD!
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Agreed, it holds up. Even if they used obvious fake music, it would still hold up because of the quality of the scripts and the amazing performances they got out of the kid actors.
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^Yeah, it's weird to think The Goldbergs--set in the 80s, when I grew up--is set longer ago than The Wonder Years was when it was airing. I am freakin' old!

I want to watch this again from the beginning. I was about the same age as Kevin when the show started and I related to him a lot. I never saw the last couple of seasons, though.

Fred Savage (Kevin) has done less and less acting and more directing (TV, mainly).
Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper) has become a regular in the Hallmark Christmas movies.
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I was always impressed at the portrayal of living in the suburbs. The show reflected my childhood so well.

The clothes were spot on. They did a good job.

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Winnie Cooper was my girlfriend when I was a kid. At least in my mind.


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