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Can somebody explain this medical policy to me?

My father has been ill lately with multiple problems.

One of these problems has been a need for physical rehab. We have had admitted to two different rehab facilities; one in Texas and one in New York. And both of these facilities have told us the same thing; they restrict the admission of patients who have other serious medical problems because if these patients receive treatment while they are at a rehab facility, the facility is liable for the cost of the treatment.

This seems absurd. My father has insurance. If he was at home, his insurance would cover the cost of the treatment. Why isn't that true when he is admitted to a rehab facility?

It's put us into a very painful dilemma. In order to get my father admitted to the rehab facility for him to get the physical therapy he needs, we have to promise that we will not seek out any treatment for his other medical problems until after he's been released.
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I am no medical-policy wonk at all, but I would venture a guess is that it's because the rehab facility is considered to have your father "in their care" and hence they would be on the hook for whatever it means to take care of the patient who is in their care. So if the patient needed dialysis, it would be the rehab facility's responsibility to provide the needed dialysis. If some medical procedure, on the hook for said medical procedure. Etc. etc. They would be required to shoulder everything that your father or any other patient needs while in their care. Hence they want relatively healthy patients.

Just my WAG; I could be totally wrong.


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