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"Green Bags" Anyone used something like this?

Greetings all,

Here is a link to what I'm talking about:

I got in a discussion about Strawberries going bad in the 'fridge. The other person mentioned that they used what they described as "yellow" bags. This person went on to say that when they put their fresh fruits and vegetables in those bags, the fruits and vegetables stayed fresh. They didn't provide any elaboration as to how much longer their fruits and vegetables lasted.

The link above is as close as a brief search discovered. I will say the: As seen on TV! Does not inspire great confidence.

So if anyone has a thought they would like to share, please do. I also want to say thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Before folks pile on me for storing fresh fruit and vegetables in plastic bags and in a refrigerator. I did do some web searching on the subject, the sources I found all were in agreement that storing fresh fruits and vegetables in sealed plastic bags was a bad practice. I'm going to order some plastic mesh bags as the same sources that depreciated storage in sealed plastic bags, also recommended mesh bags. I will also think about how best to store fresh fruit and vegetables in light of the new information I've received.

Thank you, respectfully yours Zer-coli
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The supermarkets near me supply them as well as the usual clear bags. Supposedly they breathe better.

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Those green bags work well. I love them.

They work by absorbing ethene (or "ethylene", the older term that plant biologists still often use, for some reason.) Whatever you call it, it's a gaseous hormone that promotes fruit ripening. As fruits ripen, they give off ethene, which then gets fruit nearby to ripen. As those fruits ripen, they give off more ethene, in a positive feedback loop that can lead to over-ripening and rotting pretty quickly.

Absorbing ethene leads to less ripening, which leads to fruit lasting longer in your fridge.

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I use cereal bags; they work quite well for me.
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I’ve been using them for over a decade, they’re great! But the replacement ones, I bought last year, don’t work quite as well as the original.

I don’t use them for everything, just things that seem to go off quickly for me, like yu choy or other Chinese veg/leafy green.

(I don’t really use them for fruit though, I don’t really have an issue with most fruit.)
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Yeah, they work. I used them for years until I found GreenSaver keeper that I like much more. I have a couple different sizes of these that live in the fridge and they work as good if not better than the bags. When I'm prepping veggies I just put them out on the counter so I can easily grab what I need for a salad or whatever.


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